Simon Key Bertman Textile Design & Art

Poker – Rug

The Dhurrie shows the equity of different holdem hands against a random holdem hand. There are 2652 possible starting hands in holdem (52*51/2). But there is no difference between the starting hand ace of hearts and king of spades and the starting hand king of spades and ace of hearts, so I use the number 1326 (2652/2) different starting hands.

Chance to win:

32-40% = black square

40-50% = dark grey square

50-60% = grey square

60-70% = light grey square

70-80% = light, light grey square

80-85% = white square

not existing card combination = red square

Size: 164 x 229 cm

Colours: grey scales – red

Materials: New Zeeland wool.

Technique: handwowen rug (Dhurrie)