Simon Key Bertman Textile Design & Art

rug-avocado spiral-green-nz wool-200x200 Arug-avocado spiral-green-nz wool-200x200 Brug & throw & pillow-avocado spiral-green-nz wool-200x200 Crug-raspberry random-pink-nz wool-100x200 Arug-raspberry random-pink-nz wool-100x200 Brug & throw & pillow-raspberry random-pink-nz wool-100x200 Crug-clam arrow-blue-nz wool-100x200 Arug-clam arrow-blue-nz wool-100x200 Brug & throw & pillow-clam arrow-blue-nz wool-100x200 Crug-lentils field-red-nz wool-100x200 Arug-lentils field-red-nz wool-100x200 Brug & throw & pillow-lentils field-red-nz wool-100x200 Crug-blueberry triangle-blue-nz wool-200x300 Arug-blueberry triangle-blue-nz wool-200x300 Brug-cashew organic-brown-nz wool-200x200 Arug-cashew organic-brown-nz wool-200x200 Brug-walnut diagonal-brown-nz wool-300x200 Arug-walnut diagonal-brown-nz wool-300x200 Brug-entrecote stripes-red-nz wool-200x200 Arug-entrecote stripes-red-nz wool-200x200 Brug-herring squares-grey-nz wool-200x200 Arug-herring squares-grey-nz wool-200x200 Brug-pistachio dice-green-nz wool-100x200 Arug-pistachio dice-green-nz wool-100x200 Brug-spinach bend-green-nz wool-100x200 Arug-spinach bend-green-nz wool-100x200 Brug-milk spilled-white-nz wool-200x200 Arug-milk spilled-white-nz wool-200x200 Brug-wheat bran in order-brown-nz wool-100x200 Arug-wheat bran in order-brown-nz wool-100x200 B

Food – Rug

The collection ”Food” is based on the percentage of protein, fat, carbohydrate and the rest of the content from carefully selected food. Each rug contains a total number of lowered and raised dots. All dots together corresponds to 100% of the nutrition of the specific food.

Dots in the very light color has a very high pile height and corresponds to the percentage of protein.

Dots in the light color has a high pile height and corresponds to the percentage of fat.
Dots in the dark color has a low pile height and corresponds to the percentage of carbohydrates.
Dots in the very dark color has a very low pile height and corresponds to the percentage of others.
Each rug has also a unique pattern which is drawn regard to the amount of the different nutritional values of each rug.
Hand tufted in the best quality New Zealand wool.
Enjoy your food!